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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 18, 2014 1:00am-2:01am PST

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gruber envious about how to conduct the crisis. i'm dana along with kimberly, bob, eric and this jokester, it's 5:00 in new orleans and this is the five. > >>. jonathan kbrub grub -- at milting americans were deceived got obama care. >> i just heard about this, i get well briefed before i come out here. the fact that some adviser who never worked on our staff u expressed an opinion that i
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completely disagree with, the terms of the voters is no reflection on the actual process that was run. the one thing we can't say is that we did not have a length any debate about health care in the united states of america, or that it was not adequately covered. >> the professor, on the other hand remembers president 3w5u78 very well. >> the problem is it's a political nightmare, and people say no, you can't tax my benefits. the conversation in the room, how can we make this work, he's really a realistic guy, he said it's just not going to happen, how can we manage to get there through phases and other things, and we talked about and that he was very interested in that. >> gruber visited nearly 20 times to the white house and the president, eric, says that he is very well briefed, every day, and that was just yesterday,
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this has been going on for a week, he said he's just heard about it, do you think that anyone told him today that the gallup poll had obama care down to 37% approval. >> a record low. >> the president apparently gets well briefed because he watches abc and nbc but he fails to watch fox, because if he had watched fox, we would have told him about gruber a long time ago. the pack of lies they keep throwing us, you can keep your doctor, you can keep your plan, it's not taxed, you can say that all you want. the problem is the other part of the law, is that they're going to bend the care down, it was going to reduce premiums by $2,500 per family, it's actually gone up by $2500 and the worst one, first it was going to help the deficit, maybe not help, it will be deficit neutral. then it's only going to cost $300 billion.
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now it's a trillion or so. they perpetrated all these lies and big hopes and the costs keep going up and that's where i have the problem. >> do you think it's possible that the president doesn't know who gruber is, he doesn't remember him, he doesn't remember, he had him there to help him, or that he did know and that he sort of tried to fudge it yesterdays? >> either way is bad, this is again the president trying to distance himself from gruber now, but the fact remains that he was in the oval office, i believe that the president knows exactly who he is and now he's just trying to put some distance because it's bad for him. and he said that he's a minor consultant, please, i wanting to be a minor consultant for obama care. and $2 million in other additional contracts, so this is someone who was regularly getting paid butt by tout by th taxpayers money, but president
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obama wants to call him a low paid consultant. >> gruber basically was working with president obama to deceive taxpayers on legislation from which he would handsomely profit later on, using our money. >> our money was used from the year 2000 to 2008, or 2010 or whatever. it wasn't just under obama. i choose to believe the president of the united states. i'm going to side with greg on this, this is one of those lab ral professors from some think tank somewhere, that shoots his mouth off and doesn't know what he's talking about and i just don't believe for a second that obama is going to go out there and say i don't know this guy and he really does. and the other thing obama said, and this is important, this cadillac tax was debated over and over again, republicans kept raising it over and over again and nobody listened. >> if you read in the "wall street journal", kevin explains what gruber is saying on that
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cadillac tax, the lie was to tell the american people it was only going to hit the rich, when they knew all long that the middle class would end up getting that tax hike. >> we heard that from him. >> we were saying that and we were told we were crazy. that is the lie. >> you can't believe the president when he says i don't really remember him when they paid him 400 $,000. he's saying that knows gruber, not only that he knows gruber, he was going to pull ideas from gruber. >> i want to hear the expert, the profes sorry. >> president obama was right, there was debate on this, the players in the house and the senate were all in on it. whenever there was a debate about obama care, they were
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always asking questions about what this is a lie and they were told no. i'm beginning to feel really bad for gruber, because he might needs some serious therapy when you think got the fact that he's met all of these people. that's got to be hell on your self esteem. it's like beetleguis, if you can't say his name, if you say his name three times, you get chaos, remember the bloody mary urban legend, if you say gruber three times in front of a mirror, you loses your health care. >> if you disgraced yourself in battle, nobody could talk to you, they would look around you. >> here's the bigger point, president obama is the first surfer president we have ever had. he rides every single crisis to shore and he's standing up when he gets there, that surf board is the media, each week there's a new wave and we makings it
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through, and the point is the republicans have to figure out, how do you break this constant pattern? you have to concentrate on the board and not on the president. you have to go after the media that is allowed all of these scandals to happen, allows president obama to keep cruising on to the beach every week into some new scandal. >> mpbd r and that's the reason you keep getting frustrated, and president obama keeps claiming he doesn't know who this gruber is. i would like -- say one thing in 2014, but in fwooin, 2010, he was singing a completely different term. >> maybe he didn't know he had relations with that woman. >> it's basically like the word
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went out, nobody talk about this guy. secretary sebelius was asked by a reporter to comment on gruber, she said i'm not going to comment on that. if they had just kbng honest with to the american people, this is the kind of coverage think we need for america u it might cost you more, you might have to change doctors, when they had the majority in congress, why not just do it with honesty and get the results so they don't have to deal with it now, but it would have passed anyway, because they had the majority. >> because that kind of honesty is foreign to them, it's not how they operate. its in that campaign mode that isles how you get things done. maybe the more than people want to be generous, want to magnanimous and tell them the truth and explain it. if it's that good, you should be able to sell it them. >> there were democrats that were not in fair of obama care, remember that. >> 39 democrats voted against.
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>> maybe that's why they had to perpetrate this. >> and what a stealth operation this is, these guys are geniuses to get away with all this. if i'm not mistaken, the wall street journal ran editorial after editorial about this, talking about a cadillac tax, the middle class, all that stuff. >> and they were wrong. >> so what? >> now they're saying that the wall street journal because right all the time, we did lie. gruber is basically confirming everything that to the "wall street journal" said. >> anybody who argued this was addition missed. immediately it was obama's pam cooking spray, there's no way he could get around it. >> you can't consider the wall street journal -- >> it's conservativings who were against the bill who were then told that they were lying that
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the cadillac tax would never apply to the mid class, of course it had to. the numbers were bearing out. it's truth that they lied. >> so you think the people at "the wall street journal," the conservatives, stayed oh, you're lying. >> and you don't care about people without insurance, you don't care about mere people. all of that based on this lie that gruber is now telling us that he worked out with the administration. >> but, bob, and eric. >> don't you see the problem with that. >> but they used his model to deceive the congressional budget office so that it would not be scored in the way that eric was talking about. he's saying that they deliberately gave bad information to the congressional budget office and that is bad. >> do you think anybody who could pull something like this off? >> i know the republicans couldn't pull it off because the media would never allow it.
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>> it's not just the democratic party i it is the media that are the enablers, they are the surf board. president obama is without question the most oblivious president we have ever had, he doesn't have to care, he all right won the election. it's the law. how many times bob, here, did you say, too late, it's the lew. >> it is the law. >> so you don't care, but the utter arrogance -- >> i think it could be changed. >> forget the law, but the utter arrogance of saying i don't reason him or he didn't have anything to do with it. and pelosi saying i don't know who he is. it's all over her website, she talks got john kerry, president obama, who's next? >> do you think there's a chance that every news organization is not going to ask people who were those rooms supposedly with gruber and he's going to be
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caught dead in a lie like that. >> don't say you don't recall the guy. >> two you really believe he could get away with that? >> think about iraq, think about benghazi, think about the d.c. oj, think about fast and furious, there's a lot of things that this administration has gotten away with it. >> we're going to leave it there. next the grand jury decision on the michael brown case looms in ferguson, protesters have already taken to the streets in st. louis. kimberly has the latest coming up.
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the embattled city of forget soften is on edge again as a grand jury is expected to decide any moment what police officer
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darrin wilson is guilty of -- cities nationwide ares about bracing for dmen zragss. one person following this case very closely, president obama. dana, we're waiting for the grand jury announcement to be made, we're all on alert, because it's expected that there's some serious repercussions, depending on what their verdict is and what bill they issue, and the fact that they decide to charge the officer in this case. so president obama saying that to al sharpton, what do you think of that? >> here's the thing, i don't think anyone shoulding ag on a conflict here. a state senator was on bill o'reilly's show last week, i hope they follow their example
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of looking for justice and being smart and gracious and waiting for the grand jury to make its decision. the grand jury has been deliberating for a long time and i think you have to trust in the due diligence of everybody involved and the jurors involved. >> well, my concern is that there's been so much is animosity ginned up already, if the grand jury decides not to indict, that might be considered reason to rise and cause trouble, or if there is an indictment and the officer is found not guilty, would that make them even more upset to people who are prone to protest and loot and do some bad things. i don't know how you get out of it other than someone like --
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staying the cores wasn't so good. the course wud pretty bad over there, at of bolts are flying, if that's the course they want to stay, hopefully he meant the course that we have had over the last month or so o. >> there should be legitimate protests if you feel there would be justice, if you feel a police officer should go to jail or something burr legitimate protests will be targeted for opportunistic mayhem. it's how communist cells worked in the united states. they seek out a vulnerability, whether it is unrest, they infiltrate and they create and foment violence. race is the media's bug lamp. that's another problem. when they rush to cover a single event, they run, they add so
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much weight and that kind of weight that they put on this one crime and this one incident demands spectacle. it's almost as if something doesn't happen, we are disappointed that something doesn't happen. it's a self fulfilling chaos, which is why we send everybody there. the media should just hold back. and if they employed this kind of emphasis on any other crime, they don't, it's only racially hinged events that they do this. and it leads to chaos and disorder. it doesn't end well, it's a bug lamp that ends up hurting everybody. >> you were talking about martin luther king jr. and your family, i don't think he would be in support of all of this kind of chaos and race bating and what's going on, it's very disrespectful to the judicial
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process, to the will of juries, i would like to see someone step forward and say, sure, protest if you want, but do it in a way that other lives aren't put in danger. >> the problem is you dofblt have a martin luther king anymore. and you have a lot of people that do profit off of this. this is like what martin luther king had to do with the pa panthers, and king was constantly in this pressure fight back and forth, but he was big enough and strong enough and respected enough that he got away with it. now i don't see that happening. there are a lot of people in ferguson who believe, no matter what this decision is, they have firmly set in their minds that this kid was kimmed by a police officer. you're not going to change their mind by -- >> by facts?
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>> no, greg, they won't, it won't happen that way. >> and you believe in your mind no matter what that it was an unlawful killing? >> i look at this way, there are 99% of the police departments in this country, are good, clean solid citizens, we saw it in new york city, we saw police rioted. >> where the police rioted? >> do you remember what happened? >> rodney king. if it hadn't been for the fact they had a videotape of king being beaten up. >> i don't know how many times in history you want to then foist these sins as you see them on every officer i said 99%. >> you also said no matter what happens, no matter what the outcome is, unless there's an indictment and a conviction, there's going to be protest
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riots. >> i believe the black community has said enough of this and they believe it firmly. >> whatever facts come out, they're not going to believe the facts because the facts have been stacked against them for years and years. >> you might be confusing certain groups, i don't believe there are black groups involved in this disorder at all, i think it is leftist groups that are there to see an opportunity to stir the pot. we have to be fair, that all riots aren't equal. we can get upset about what happens after this, but i don't -- did we do anything after the world series? when there's stuff going on, you know, maybe people let off steam and that's where it ends, we hope. and it happens elsewhere. >> and at this hour, the national guard has been called up to ferguson, so we hope this this goes peacefully and no l e lives are lost. a special guest is joining us
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here on to the five, the man who killed osama bin laden, navy s.e.a.l. robert o'neill will be here. and you definitely don't want to miss that. and the man who plans to grant amnesty for 30 million illegals, makes a case against illegal
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. did you hear about that guy who said he had anxiety about the wave of illegal immigrants flooding our southern border and the same guy who said he feels resentiment when he sees that same flag flying a -- he's not just a democrat, he's a really, really big democrat. >> no denying that many blacks share the same anxietieies as my
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whites about the wave of illegal immigrants flooding our border. the number of immigrants is of a magnitude not seen in this country in a century. if a huge influx of mostly steelworkers, it also brings strains on an already overburdened safety net. >> when i see mention canning flags waved at pro immigration demonstrations i sometimes feel a flush of patriotic resentment when i'm forced to use a translator to communicate with the guy working on my car. bob, i got to go to you on this one. a little bit different t tune tn a president obama who's saying let's sign in 3 million, 4 mill
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wrong peop on people. >> just over a century ago when the irish flooded in here, they dove blue collar wages down and they put a lot of pressure -- >> you're saying americans don't want those jobs anyway. >> what i'm saying is, in the long run they will be beneficial citizens of this country. >> k.g., were you surprised when he said i have to use a trance lathe for for the guy fixing my car. that's a little derogatory, isn't it? >> it's an awful statement for him to make, i mean honestly. what do you want me to tell you, it's horrible. but it just goes to show you, when you have this kind of manufacture of a candidate and you shake them and you put words out in front, this is what you're going to get. it's going to be on tape and the truly is going to come out. >> you got to talk to a call center in india.
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>> greg, he's evolved on so many things. you know what's interesting, here's the biggest problem with immigration, there are two people i trust when i go for -- when i'm looking for answers, mick micke mickey-and jason. jason riley says it coincides to low unemployment. i think that half of it is true, like over time, it helps. but in the initial influx, the cheap labor, what it does is if you're against economic inequality, importing the world's poor, means you're supplying a whole number of poor people which makes the equation evening worse a bd why amnesty seems so stupid, why we are for
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orderly immigration, we want people in line to come in. >> and you talk about the tone of those comments? >> well, here's the danger of not knowing your boss's previous statements, if you're later on in the year, this is the sixth year of the presidency and you might not know what your boss said before when he was a state senator or governor or in his book, so you need to read that stuff, he might have evolved on the issue, you're allowed to do that. here they have a monumental task in front of them on communications, if they expect to get this done. something this big, everybody's paying attention to it, means all hands need to be on deck, no time for anybody else. you better figure out the problem for them, voters are burning up the phone lines on capitol hill for both republican and democratic offices saying you better do something to make sure thatsome doesn't happen, so they have a really big task in front of them and they have so
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many problems, including our own national security, that they've got to be focused on as well. >> there's not going to be immigration legislation in obama's last two years. the democratic senate, and the house refused to deal with it. what makes you think that more republicans are going to deal with an immigration bill. >> do you want to debate immigration? >> i have a tactical question. so when president bush in 2005 tried to get social security reform, to provide private accounts, six month into it, he realized it was not going to happen, even his own party was starting to say, whoa, look, we are not for this. what he did is to say, you know what? i gave it my best shot, it didn't happen, it's the will of the people, and we moved on to something else. i think privatization of part of the social security program would very smart.
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i think president obama is making a huge tactical mistake that will hurt his presidency on every other issue. >> bush could not by executive order have changed the social security system. but president kbaum can by executive order create -- >> worry about somebody knocking on your door and asking for a green card. >> do you think he believes that the best thing for the country is to provide amnesty to 4 million or 5 million people? >> i would. >> do you think he believes that? >> i don't know what he believes, those comments that he just spoke, in his audacity of hope, isn't that the name of the book? those don't conflict what he's saying now? >> i have to agree with dana. what is true, i think what he was saying, this is my interpretation of it, i believe too, an influx of people quickly into the workforce, one out of four people hanging ball part
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are -- it's a tough job, but nonetheless, over time, they will produce and they will take back and they will be fine. >> that's the thing. >> president kbaobama evofled i eight years, you ev involved like in eight minutes. this is an interesting point, there is a reversal going on in ideology where you have conservatives who normally would be salivating over cheap labor coming out of this and then you have liberals who 140u8should b congress deming it. >> history was made last week when a spacecraft landed on a commit. but they were only focused on what one of the scientists who worked on the mission was wearing.
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last week some scientists landed a probe on a comet the attire drew air. you think a shirt like this makes women feel welcome? a website called the apparel casual misogyny that keeps women from entering science. it wasn't pretty. >> i share the links, i might have put the site, and i might have offended people and i'm very sorry about this. o
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. >> noor oh, my god, he lands a probe on a comet and he's-now it's one angry tweet trumps an awesome feat. in one universe, a man achieves greatness, but in another petty one he's humiliated. was the shirt tacky? yes. rocket scientists are nerds. they care more about the science than their wardrobe. a man -- why bother sending rockets at all? seriously, do earthlings deserve the effort when they savage those that try. we do deserve twitter where
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trending is cooler than doing and 140 characters replaces our own. >> wow, sing it again. >> is the most depressing story ever? >> yes, it's depressing, it's infuriating, first of all, the woman -- the shirt he was wearing was made for him by his friend who is a woman. who is a tattoo artist. and you're right. there's also the story about the woman who's complaining that her co-anchor won the same suit and nobody complained. people have got to get a grip. it's terrible. >> we wouldn't wear that shirt on "the five" because someone in wardrobe would call us immediately, however, the guy put a tiny thing on a giant thing, 60,000 miles an hour, they landed on a comet. and he's crying that he's so sorry. he made a mistake.
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you didn't make a mistake, you just achieved an amassing feat. yeah, it's sad, bob, did he deserve all of this? should he have apologized? >> the best part of that is last, that he should not have gotten on there and apologized. >> you wouldn't. >> you're right. if a broad starteded to hit me on what i'm wearing, i would -- i did it on purpose, we both beat that thing. don't even think about beating that. it's amazing to me, greg, if this story had not had that story, you would have been screaming about wasting money landing on a rocket zblvm i l. e >> i love space travel. >> it wasn't even ours, it was the european space agency.
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>> they spent it on their military. >> it's all about other people's money for space now. >> what does man need? does he need a makeover? >> i bet you he thinks so too. >> he needs a real woman in his life, not on his shirt, i'll tell you that much. poor guy. >> i guess my point is, people -- it's easy now in this world of twitter. that's achievement going after somebody as opposed to this guy. >> he feels bullied, he feels shamed now. he's trying to do something nice, he's wearing a shirt that his friend made me. that's like wearing something my grand mother made me. it's not the greatest shirt ever. those are the images of women many -- >> there are women who would be
1:45 am
upset by that. >> i understand. >> they would think that's a bad thing to do. >> i understand. >> when melissa harris perry wore tampon earrings on her news show. >> never mind. >> i don't want to hear that out of your mouth again. >> how does that happen? watch your mouth. ahead u president obama claims he didn't know obama care architect jonathan gruber.
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welcome back to "the fife." as we mentioned earlier, president became dismissed jonathan gruber as just some advisor, who was never on his staff that he doesn't agree with. but we found tape of when he was senator talking about gruber in a very different light. >> we have drawn some of the very brightest minds from academia and political circles. people ranging from robert gordon to austan goolsby, to john gruber, my dear friend john wallace, who can inform what are
1:50 am
some times a policy debate with a prophetic voice. >> if you were putting together this case, what one piece of evidence did you just notice. >> my ah-ha moment was when president obama didn't look down and read the name of gruber, he looked right into the crowd and said it because he knows him. >> this is why you want kimberly as your lawyer, bob. >> i tell you, the guy was giving a speech as a rookie. the speech was written by his staff. he's looking down at to the paper the whole time. >> are you on the democrats band wagon that they don't know who gruber is? >> i don't know who gruber is, i think he's a jerk to say this kind of stuff. if that's true, if you're covering that kind of stuff up, keep your mouth shut. >> you're mad because he told the truth. >> all it does is just give republicans a bunch of ammunition to keep shooting. >> that's why he will be
1:51 am
ostracized. >> he's only a jerk, and he say he's not a jerk because he's recollecting what happened. >> he's part of that cover-up. >> obama care 2014, no one would care who jonathan gruber, no one would mind that jonathan gruber made $9 million over the course of seven years. as dana pointed out, 37%, the lowest gallup poll, which you quoted last week. >> sure. >> approve of obama care. >> for obama care or obama. >> obama care. >> 37%? is that the lowest? >> lowest ever. >> i didn't know that. >> do you think that next year, that gruber will get professor of the year. >> you got to wonder, how much
1:52 am
of this denial is spreading even into his personal life. like he comes home and his wife says, who are you? i have no idea who you are. everybody he knows, everybody that said how great he is, is now going, i don't know who he is. >> he's not as smart as he thinks he is. >> it's going to come out. >> why do you take him at his word? he's a liberal college professor. you always say those people are a bunch of come comies, why do think what he said is true? >> you don't believe him? >> not for a second. >> i think they lived together in vermont for five years. >> maybe they did, but that's a different situation. >> he's dead to him. okay, one more thing is up next.
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it's time now for one more
1:55 am
thing. i'm going to tell you about my weekend, because i got to go to the mohegan sun. i found walking around, was the perfect gift for eric bolling for the holidays, it brings together your two worlds, and i wrapped them in a special upbecause i didn't have any wrapping paper. but look. and you see a pair of them, with crystal vases. that's so nice. >> the inside story is that dana's husband forgot to bring them, so he had to go out and buy them. >> all right, greg is next. >> time for a banned phrase. i can't believe i have not banned this already. l ol. nobody ever actually laughs out loud. it never happens when they're writing that, they're doing it
1:56 am
unconsciously, it's just like breathing. >> when you say llol to me, here's what you do, put it at the very end of a very depressing e-mail, like i have four months to live, lol, put lol at the end of depressing sentences. >> i don't like depressing, though. >> first, can we hat tip american commitment who unearthed that last video where president obama was talking about jonathan gruber. tonight on hannity -- here's a little piece. >> professor, do you really think the american voters are stupid? what about obama care, is that just a hoax on the american people? >> and you got to tune in tonight at 10:00 p.m., to find
1:57 am
out the answer of how gruber answered those two questions. >> now i understand why i'm not invited on hannity tonight. i'm going to get a little bit more sadder news, and that is in the last year, 2 million children in the richest country in the world are homeless. i their biological parents can't or won't provide them with food, with housing, with shelter with clothing, all of us who make a decent living, we ought to pay for it. that's my story. >> we will not add lol at the etched of that. >> but that's the point. >> there's a lot of homeless people, lol. >> we've got to take care of everybody, including children who are starving who don't have education, who don't have meals on the table or winter coats.
1:58 am
who gives back to children throughout the world? bono. i'm his biggest fan. it is very dangerous in central park and bono was injured on his boo bicycle, in fact he's probably going to have to have surgery. i'm telling you, it's so dangerous in central park. >> how did he get hurt? >> i don't know. i think we ought to do an investigation. >> he was biking. >> he was biking. >> i don't like those guys. >> we solve this mystery and we will tell you about it tomorrow night. also for tomorrow night, to the man who killed osama bin laden right here at this >> terror a the a temple. several killed overnight at a synagogue in yours lem. what investigators are saying about a motive?
1:59 am
>> he was the one to ton vince individual and em employer mandates. see what happens when fox news confronts him. >> a woman gets caught under wait until you see what other drivers do next. "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> good morning. you are watching "fox & friends first". i am heather childers. >> i am ainsley earhardt. thank you for waking up this early with us. right to the fox news alert mayhem in the milled east breaking overnight at least four dead six injured brutal attack
2:00 am
in jerusalem. two palestinians armed with knives guns and even axes. storming into a synagogue attacking worshippers inside. police killed the suspects in a shoot-out the militant group hamas says the attack is revenge for the attack of a palestinian bus driver. the group is not claiming responsibility. >> people who come to worship god in the sanctuary and synagogue were hatcheted and hacked in that holy place in an act of pure terror. >> benjamin netanyahu says israel will respond with a heavy hand. >> back at home jonathan gruber just some advisor or the lynch pin to one of the most controversial parts of obamacare. fox news cameras confront the


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